Kingston Parish Council

 There will be a meeting of

Kingston Parish Council


Monday 2nd February 2015 at 7.30pm

in The Barn, Kingston


All members of the public are entitled to attend the meeting and are cordially invited by the Council to do so. Time will be set aside prior to the published agenda to enable informal discussion to take place.


  1. Reports from County Cllr Northey & City Cllr Sole
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the Meeting on 5th January 2015
  4. Members’ Interests
  5. Matters Arising
  6. Finance
  7. Planning/Trees
  8. A2/Black Robin Lane
  9. Highways and Footpaths
  10. Emergency Planning/Flooding
  11. Adult Gym Equipment
  12. Website
  13. Correspondence
  14. A.O. B

 The Parish Council – a Brief Description of its Responsibilities

A Parish Council consists of elected parishioners who abide by the National Code of Local Government Conduct and have the overall responsibility of safeguarding the well-being of the community they represent. A Parish Council operates within a framework of guidelines and regulations laid down at national, county or district level. Special considerations may apply, such as whether the parish lies within a Conservation Area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. “A prime function of a Parish Council is to ‘focus public opinion’, to represent such opinion to the outside world, as well as to carry out on a small scale those local tasks which would be uninteresting or uneconomic for the larger authorities” (ref).

A Parish Council interacts closely with agencies such as City and County Councils, the local and county Police Authorities, the National Association of Parish Councils, the Council for the Protection of Rural England, etc. and with neighbouring Parish Councils. It works in harmony with the various village organisations and societies, Neighbourhood Watch, etc., and becomes involved with national events such as the recent Millennium celebrations. It has responsibility for maintaining the Public Rights of Way in the parish and for public areas such as recreation grounds and play areas; in Kingston, the latter are the responsibility of the Kingston Village Hall Trust. In particular, a Parish Council deals with concerns of the village, such as speeding traffic or potential loss of its amenities, and with serious events that threaten the community, such as, in the case of Kingston, the Barham Downs, the recent flooding crisis, etc. The Parish Council applies for funding and grants from a number of sources to discharge its duties on behalf of the parish.

Meetings of the Parish Council are held on a regular basis, in the Barn Kingston Canterbury, Kent at 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month and are open to the public.

Ref “Local Council Administration”, Charles Arnold-Baker.

Click on the Link Below to download the précis of the Parish Survey conducted by the Parish Council in September 2012. This was presented to Canterbury City Council in October 2012.

Parish Survey