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Tom Beardsell has posted the following memories from his time in Kingston.

I lived with my parents in Kingston from 1948 until 1959 and lived at 1, Marley Lane from where I spent may years of exploring the woods and lanes of Kingston.

My parents ran the youth club at that time and since passing away have left me with some photos of the youth of the village at that time.


Senior Youth Club

* Robert Coombs has recently been in touch and, with his sister,  managed to put some more names to the faces. If anyone is able to fill in the gaps please send a comment below. He puts the year at 1953/4 as he joined the RAF the following the year.

This is the senior Youth club taken in the playing field with the church behind…..I would put the year at 1955

The names I remember are as follows from the left and standing..

  • ? Bardsely and they owned the farm which was opposite the Village Hall.
  • Mick Hearn who lived the other side of Kingston where the water works was located
  • My brother Peter Beardsell
  • Robert Coombs
  • Front row girls send left was Elizabeth Hogben and fourth left was Sally Coombs
Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

This was the annual fancy dress competition…I would put the date at 1954

From the left

  • Sally Coombs
  • Forth left at the back was my brother Peter who designed an outfit and went as a newspaper…he was quite upset when he did not win.
  • Far right was Robert Coombs
Kingston 3


I am not sure what this dance troupe were but I believe it was something like “stick dancing” and I would put the year at 1955

  • Front right is my cousin Christine Howard
Youth Club 1954

Youth Club 1954

  • Left was my brother then Mick Hearn and right Robert Coombs
  • Middle Ronnie Baker then Nick Coombs then me then ?
  • Front ? Twyman then ? then John Hogben then ? Bardsley
Kingston WI

Kingston WI

Kingston WI circa 1948 and my mother is fourth from the right at the back and my Dad’s mum is centre sitting down with glasses

Fancy Dress 1953

Fancy Dress 1953

Fancy dress competition in 1953 with me on far right as a herald.

Youth Club Outing

Youth Club Outing

Combined Youth club outing in 1955 with my Mum and Dad at rear to the right and me at far left being silly as usual

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  1. Cracking shots there I will have to share on Facebook I bet a lot of my relatives would be familiar with these faces since they frequently atended the youth club

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